Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts

Night of the Zombies - Parents Night Out! on 10/14/17

Posted: September 23, 2017

Drop your kids off for our Night of the Zombies Parents Night Out and you’ll be happier than a Skeleton dancing to his favorite song. Not only will you get a stress-free night away from your kids, but they will get to experience one of the coolest nights ever! Drop them off for a night of zombie-fun and games. They will battle to escape from zombies, get turned into a zombie and then hopefully discover the cure all before their parents come back to get them. We are expecting this to be one of

Nuclear Dodgeball: Parents Night Out! on 9/23/17

Posted: August 19, 2017

For the first time ever, Peaceful Warriors Martial Arts is hosting a black light, dodgeball party and it is going to be EPIC! Dodge balls will glow, your kids will glow, and even the court will glow. Register your kids for this cool experience below! Haven’t been to a Parents night out before? Parents constantly rave about how much fun their kids have at our parents nights out with their friends. And the best part? The kids have fun, get rid of energy, and will be talking about it for

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