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Blast to the Future - Parents Night Out! - 3/17/18

Posted: February 17, 2018

Great Scott! We have to save the space-time continuum! If my calculations are correct, your last night to without the kids hasn’t happened in at least 30 days! If you don’t get a night away soon, the consequences could be CATASTROPHIC! Not to worry! I have invented the perfect solution! The Blast to the Future Parents Night Out! Bring your little time traveler to a night of fun and games with their friends. They will battle on pirate ships, play future bowling, have an old west d

Game On! - Parents Night Out - on 2/17/18

Posted: January 20, 2018

Game On! Parents Night Out: Registration is now open! Think your child plays too much video games? Our new parents night out experience takes your kids from being in front of the screen to actually being inside the screen! Our students and their friends will be transported to a magical 8 –bit land and the only way to get out is by completing different video game themed activities. Whether it is playing life size pac-man, racing in their own super kart, or dodging barrels from a giant go

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