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Ninjas Vs Snowmen - Parent Night Out! - 1/19/19

Posted: December 08, 2018


Winter is here! 

It may be cold outside, but your kids are in for an even cooler night of games! Join us for our Ninjas Vs. Snowmen Parents night out on Saturday, January 19th. What happens at one of our Parent’s Night Out events? Great question! Your kids will be following along to an interactive story that is told by professional voice actors. Your child will be playing team games, having a great snack, and best of all, using up all their built up energy! What are y

Night at the Library - Parents Night Out! 12-9-18

Posted: October 23, 2018


The Evil Wizard Gorr Has Struck! 

Long ago, in a library far away, the evil wizard Gorr has turned against his fellow storybook residents! He is now going from story to story, re-arranging things so all the stories will be ruined! There is only one team that is able to stop him, but they are missing one member. YOUR child! At our Night At The Library Parent’s Night out, your child will follow along with custom interactive audio instructions that illustrate a vivid stor

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